Water Well Drilling

Mike Steffen has been in the drilling industry for over a decade. He has built himself a reputation for his ability to handle the machines and for being a great driller.

Did you know that well water should be tested 3 times per year for contaminants as well as for safety. Steffen Well Drilling performs well inspections to make sure your well is in proper condition.

Residential Well Drillling

Drilling wells can be a dangerous business, there are electrocution risks, falling risks, and explosive gases. For these reasons, individuals should always hire an expert to do the work.  We will make sure you meet the legal requirements of the wells regulations and maintain safety. Mike Steffen is a licensed well contractor and can take care of your water needs, from building, modifying, or abandoning a well.

Commercial Drilling

Steffen Well Drilling can custom design a project timeline and budget depending on the requirements of the well, including the depth and the ground characteristics. Steffen can provide the best possible drilling solutions for your commerical well requirements.


Dewatering is the removeal of water from soil or solid material by wet classification, centrifugation, filtration or a separation process. In other words, it is the removal or draining of groundwater or surface water by pumping or evaporation. In some cases dewatering can be very tricky due to pore pressure causing damage. When faced with any kind of dewatering needs or requirements, it is alway best to consult a professional. Mike Steffen has the equipment and the knowledge to tackle most dewatering projects.

Pump Testing

A pumping test is a good way of estimating well perfomance, yield and aquifer characteristics. Pumping test water level measurements should be made prior to during and immediately following the pumping period. Wells can also be tested for the sole purpose of providing confidence in the drilliers estimated well yield.

Down-Hole Camera Inspection

Steffen Well Drilling will inspect your wells, boreholes, and pipes in a non-invasive, non-destructive manner using cameras to get the best input of your vessel or pipe condition.

Ag Water Wells

Steffen Well Drilling can take care of all of your irrigation well drilling needs. Drilled wells are a source of water for most farm and greenhouse operations. They can provide clean water with little impurities, if done right.

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